Where to Find a Positive Psychology Program in Switzerland

positive psychology program

If you’re interested in a career in positive psychology, you may be wondering where to find a program. A positive psychology program will teach you the techniques of the field, including personal strengths assessment, self-compassion, meaning, and celebration of achievements. Positive psychologists come from a variety of professional and educational backgrounds, and are committed to the flourishing of human beings. To learn more about positive psychology, read our blog. We will explore the different types of programs, including those in Switzerland, and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Foundations of Positive Psychology

The Foundations of Positive Psychology program is an online certificate program. The program consists of five courses, each of which includes readings, videos, and quizzes. You’ll spend approximately 20 hours completing each of the first four courses. In addition to the lectures, you’ll also be required to complete a final project of 12 hours. You can get a free trial to see whether the program is for you by signing up for the course’s seven-day free trial period.

Unlike some online courses, the “Foundations of Positive Psychology” program is taught by world-renowned professor Martin Seligman. His scholarly work has received numerous awards and is based on years of research. His courses also have applied implications, making them relevant to decision-making. Students will benefit from learning from the top experts in this field. This program is offered by Coursera, in partnership with the University of Pennsylvania.

Broadcasting Happiness

A national CBS News anchor, author, and positive psychology expert, Michelle Gielan is the brainchild behind Broadcasting Happiness. As the founder of the Institute for Applied Positive Research and a professor on Oprah’s Happiness Course, she specializes in positive communication. She also consults with Fortune 500 companies and schools as a partner at GoodThink. Gielan received a Master of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.

Creating a positive mindset is just the beginning. You must teach others to adopt your attitude. The program provides a variety of case studies to illustrate the techniques. For example, one of Gielan’s techniques can boost a sales team’s quarterly revenue by 30 percent or a company’s performance rating by 25%. In addition to business, Broadcasting Happiness will help you transform family gatherings into moments of joy and fulfillment.

Orange Frog Workshop

Shawn Achor, a Harvard positive psychology expert and New York Times bestselling author, believes that being positive is the most competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced, high-stress environment. His research has led to a positive psychology workshop called The Happiness Advantage. The workshop aims to increase employee engagement by tapping into intrinsic motivations and improving their overall well-being. The workshop’s success has been attributed to its ability to improve engagement scores, reduce stress, increase well-being, and improve financial results.

The Orange Frog Workshop’s curriculum is based on Achor’s “The Happiness Advantage.” The course is an interactive workshop that teaches participants how to become happier and healthier by adopting new positive habits and practicing the practices of resilient leaders. The program is presented as an entertaining parable that depicts the journey toward a happier, more productive life. During the training, participants will learn to create the mindset needed to apply the lessons learned and become happier and more successful.

MSc in Applied Positive Psychology at University of Zurich

If you are looking for a Master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology, the University of Zurich is a great choice. This course focuses on the positive aspects of human life, which is vital for mental health. The course combines cutting-edge research and theory with advanced coaching training. Graduates are well prepared for the demanding field of positive psychology. The university’s campus is located in Zurich, Switzerland.

This course is only offered by a few universities in the world, but it is growing in popularity and demand worldwide. As a graduate, you will have the knowledge and confidence to apply your knowledge in professional practice. You may work with individuals one-to-one or in organisations at an organisational level. Depending on your interests, you can pursue this degree as a teaching career or for personal development.

MSc in Positive Leadership and Strategy at University of Lisbon

The Executive MSc in Positive Leadership and Strategy at University Of Lisbon draws on the strengths of positive psychology and the science of positive leadership to help participants develop their mindsets for positive leadership. This course is ideal for those who would like to become change-makers and transform organizations. Its unique blend of researchers, educators, designers, and entrepreneurs ensures that you’ll gain a wide range of skills necessary to excel in any business environment.

The course focuses on the science of positive leadership, which is closely linked to superior performance. It also leads to higher levels of engagement and job satisfaction among employees. The results of this programme are up to three times greater than those of conventional management methods. It is particularly useful for those who are looking to influence government and policy. The course includes modules that will help you develop your skills in management. The University of Lisbon offers a variety of courses.

Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology at North-West University

The Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology at North-Western University is an online program that teaches students how to improve their own lives through the use of positive psychology principles. The course covers a wide range of topics, including the history of the field, its principles and applications, and research methods. Students will also study topics like resilience, character, and grit. A CPD certificate is provided to graduates, providing them with a nationally recognized accreditation.

A master’s degree in Positive Psychology (MAPP) is the most advanced course available in this field. The program emphasizes the scientific study of positive processes, prevention, promotion, and optimization in human wellbeing. The Master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology at North-West University is another option for people who would like to pursue this degree. The programme enables students to pursue a career as a child development specialist or program administrator, or work in research environments. The MAPP program emphasizes the integration of knowledge and practice, including the implementation of best practices.