Aristotle Financial, Inc

Congratulations! You have just taken the first step to increased profitability and peace of mind by discovering Aristotle Financial, Inc and our “Co-Sourcing Advantage.”

Aristotle Financial, Inc., founded by accountants for accountants, provides the “back office” work and staff you need, without the expenses and headaches associated with managing one.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. How true!

Our accounting firm in Columbia, MD, which experienced 22 percent growth during each of the past four years, was struggling with the ongoing issue of recruiting and retaining highly qualified employees, despite good salaries and benefits. We were so tired of this problem, as we continued to watch our back-log of revenue-producing work grow, that we decided to get really creative.

To solve our problem, we established an accounting co-sourcing center in India in 2005. In India, we are able to employ seasoned accounting professionals with a minimum of three years of experience and very good English communication skills. Utilizing the “best practices” of both the US and India, our service to clients improved and we saved thousands of dollars!

Increased Productivity & Revenues

Our model is proven. Now, let us do the same for your practice, so you can reach your objectives and improve your bottom line, too.

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