Three Safety Considerations For Workers Working Alone

A growing number of workers are becoming more mobile and working alone, pushing the boundaries of current safety procedures. BLACKRIDGE has partnered with leading work alone safety solutions to provide the most comprehensive and effective safety solutions. Check out our new COVID-19 features for an in-depth overview of the work alone safety solutions available. Listed below are three of the most important safety considerations for workers working alone:

StaySafe app

The StaySafe app is a comprehensive working alone safety solution that allows lone workers to customise their settings to protect themselves. These include audible alert settings, non-movement detection, discreet panic, and location update frequency. The app also offers customizable metrics for employers, allowing them to monitor employee usage and prevent false alerts. These features ensure the safety of your lone workers. Read on to find out more.


The StaySafe app for working alone helps employers manageĀ Click here the risk of lone workers and provide the right response in an instant. It can be customized to allow employees to check-in safely and request assistance from a central hub, and the app also provides reports in CSV or easily-digestible charts. With StaySafe, employers can comply with their duty of care and minimize response time. Its comprehensive safety information can be accessed from anywhere, and lone workers can even receive personalised alerts.

Emergency communication plan

One of the most important aspects of working alone safety is the implementation of an effective emergency communications plan. This will provide lone workers with sufficient time to prepare for and respond to a risky situation. An emergency communications plan is a comprehensive process that involves a dedicated team that handles preparation, incident response planning, and protocol. This plan should also address any unique circumstances or working conditions. To maximize the effectiveness of your emergency communications plan, use technology that allows two-way messaging.

Monitoring employee location

Monitoring employee location as part of working alone safety solutions is a great way to keep employees safe. A good system will alert you to any change in location and initiate an emergency response plan if necessary. Aware360 is an example of a working alone safety solution. It uses satellites to provide local communication to employee pendants and controls the entire Aware360 software platform from anywhere in the world. The Control Center is the central hub of the Aware360 lone worker safety solution, receiving alerts from the lone worker pendants and initiating emergency procedures.

Automated lone worker solution

The service industry has many lone workers. For example, janitors and tradespeople may need to travel alone in the course of their jobs. An automated lone worker safety solution, such as Connecteams, will keep them updated on important safety materials. They can search for these resources with a few clicks, and the solution even collects location points and GPS time. When workers are left alone, they are more vulnerable to injury and death than other employees.