The Process of Post Construction Cleaning

Post construction cleaning

The process of Post construction cleaning can be a daunting one for many property owners. There are three main stages to cleaning after construction. These include the rough clean, the touch up clean, and the final clean. Each stage is necessary for a property to meet standards for ordinary cleanliness, but they are also very labor-intensive and can lead to injury and infection. If you decide to do the cleaning yourself, make sure you understand what you’re getting into.

Post-construction cleaning involves three stages

Post-construction cleaning entails a great deal of effort and requires more equipment and tools than regular housekeeping. It’s important to remember that this process focuses on the rooms that are unique to your home and on items that were installed during the construction phase. Fortunately, the cleaning agency you hire will provide the necessary tools and equipment to complete this work. There are three stages to this process, each requiring different cleaning methods.

First, post-construction cleaning contractors beginĀ Post construction cleaning near Pittsburgh PA by removing all visible debris. Once this is done, they will vacuum, dust, and mop all surfaces. They will also check for damage so that repairs can be made before occupants move in. A final step in the cleaning process involves paying special attention to fabrics and ornamental details. After a major renovation, debris can accumulate everywhere. Professional cleaning companies have the proper equipment and know-how to get rid of all of it.

It is labor-intensive

Among the most labor-intensive types of cleaning, post-construction cleanup is one of the most time-consuming. Most cleaning procedures require extensive manpower and specialized equipment. A professional cleaning crew can complete the job within the time frame of your budget. Often, post-construction clean-up requires the use of environmentally friendly cleaning agents such as vinegar. However, you may be tempted to make the process even more labor-intensive by using your own tools.

There are three distinct stages in post-construction cleaning. The first phase is known as the rough clean. It involves scrubbing down the walls and concrete, removing large pieces of debris, and vacuuming the entire area. The second phase is known as the light clean. In this phase, you will focus on scrubbing down specific rooms and fixtures, which will require more time. It is important to follow a general cleaning plan and stick to it.

It is expensive

One of the reasons why post construction cleaning is so expensive is the amount of dirt that is left behind after a construction project. The higher the dirt, the more expensive the post construction clean up will be. Professional cleaning companies use heavy vacuums and other equipment to remove the debris, leaving your home as clean as it was before the work began. They can also clean tile and any other type of valuable surface. However, you will need to pay more than what you would normally pay for regular cleaning.

The cost of post construction clean-up varies widely, but it is usually a one-time expense for a relatively small area. For a small residential property, you can expect to pay around $350, while a commercial cleaning job can cost as much as $1100. Depending on the size of your property, you may be eligible for discounts that lower the cost per square foot. Cleaning windows can cost anywhere from three to five dollars per side. The price per side will increase substantially for every additional story.