Pinch Valve Manufacturers

Pinch valves are widely used in many industries. They are particularly suitable for chemical processes, power plants and sludge discharge lines. They are easy to operate and handle fluids with solid particles. They are also effective for handling powders, slurries, gravel, and granular products.

A pinch valve is a type of valve that can control the flow of any medium. The body of the valve consists of a molded sleeve, which contains a pinching mechanism. The tube of the pinch valve is made of elastomeric material, which allows it to be flexible. This material can be made of natural rubber, silicone or NBR.

An important factor to consider when choosing a pinch valve is the durometer. If the tube is made of a plastic, it is difficult to tell how the tube will perform when torn by a plunger. This means that it is best to use a pinch valve that can stand up to the high temperatures it will likely encounter. Depending on the frequency of use, the plastic tube of the pinch valve should be replaced.

A pinch valve is available in a variety of different sizes. They can have end flange configurations that connect flush with transport tubing. This prevents the extra space required for compressing a flange sleeve. They can also have seals in their valve and fittings. This makes them easy to clean. They also reduce the need for packing and gaskets. They are also inexpensive and reliable.

There are several factors that can affect the quality of a pinch valve. The most common problem is that the sleeve of the valve leaks through theĀ rubber pinch valve seat when it is fully closed. This happens when the sleeve becomes slightly worn out. It is also possible for the inner bushing of the valve to break, allowing the medium to enter the control circuit.

If the valve is going to be exposed to acid corrosion, it is essential to choose one that is designed for this purpose. The pneumatic cylinder operated open body pinch valves should be corrosion resistant and abrasion proof. These are especially useful in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Pinch valves are commonly used in the mining industry. They are also used in coal conveying, sludge discharge lines, and sewage treatment plants. They are also ideal for handling fibrous products such as cement and wood pellets. They are also widely used in the electronics, ceramic, paper, and food industries.

These valves can be manually operated or electric. ASCO manufactures miniature pinch valves that allow the fluid to stay in the original supply tube. Flowrox offers a wide range of industrial valves for use in the toughest applications. These valves are a benchmark in the heavy-duty industry. They are easy to operate and provide cost savings and easy maintenance.

The pinch valve is ideal for the chemical and metallurgical industries. It is a reliable and economical product that can be installed and removed easily. It is a great alternative to other types of valves. It is also suitable for applications that contain corrosive or aggressive media.