Mastering Precision: A Guide to Hot Wire CNC Foam Cutting Techniques

A hot wire CNC foam cutter is a computer controlled machine that can cut any 3D shapes in expanded and extruded polystyrene EPS or XPS foams. It uses a hot cutting wire moving in the Y and X planes through the use of stepper motors. This ensures flawless precision, high processing speed and consistently excellent quality.

The most important part of this type of machine is the control software that generates G-code for each axis of movement. There are many different programs for doing this, such as DevFoam and Profilli. Some are free but others have a cost. It is also possible to make your own system from parts such as an Arduino Mega, Ramps 1.4 and stepper drivers and motors. This article will cover how to build a simple system that can be used to cut model aeroplane wings.

The kit includes a computer with monitor and all the software to run the machine. It can be assembled in less than 2 hours and is ready to start cutting. This is an affordable solution that will allow you to realize any design idea you have in a matter of days.

If you have any questions about this kit, don’t hesitate to ask us. We are always available to help you get the most out of your machine.

You can make a wide range of wings with this machine, including Zagi-like wings and Jet wing. It is also easy to use for hot wire CNC foam cutter tapered shapes. This is a very inexpensive way to transform a $10 foam sheet into a radio controlled airplane!

Another benefit of this machine is the ability to do a 2D cut. This means you can cut the outline of a wing and then add on any internal structure. This allows you to save money on expensive CAD/CAM software and cutting by hand. This machine is also great for making RC gliders as it can be used to cut the airframe, fin and propeller in one piece.

This machine can also be used to cut a plethora of other objects such as:

It is very versatile for preparing external wall insulation on site, resulting in labor time savings and highest quality thermal insulation. It is also a very useful tool for building fair stalls and film/theatre decorations as it can be used to cut many different figures quickly and with high accuracy.

The wider series machines come with a pneumatic wire tensioning which is much stronger and more stretch resistant than the standard springs. This makes the cutting wire last longer and improves the cutting quality. It can be ordered for all our 1.3-meter wide and wider hot wire CNC foam machines.