How to Pick the Perfect Dining Chair

While a dining chair may seem like a minor design element, it’s actually important to get right—particularly since you’ll spend most of your time in them. You need chairs that are comfortable enough to last through long dinners, as well as ones that are easy to maintain. That means a good seat height and an eye for detail that’s often overlooked. If you want a chair that will stand out, try choosing one with a bold pattern or a striking finish. For flexibility, select a stackable chair that can be easily moved to the outdoors for summer BBQs or stacked away when you need extra space in your dining room.

You should also take note of the width of a dining chair’s back, which can affect how well it supports your shoulders and back during a meal. In addition to a solid frame, the back should provide ample cushioning to make it comfortable for sitting for extended periods of time. If you’re shopping in person, test out a chair by leaning against it and shifting your weight to see how it feels. If it wobbles or seems unstable, keep searching.

Lastly, be sure the chair’s seat height is appropriate for your table. The general rule of thumb is to leave about 12 inches between the bottom of a table’s surface and the height of the chair’s seat. This ensures diners have room to sit comfortably, while preventing accidental (and uncomfortable) knee bumping.

Mixing different frames and styles of dining chairs perfect dining chair tips can be a great way to add interest to your dining room, but the key is to find pieces that complement each other rather than clash. To do this, look for similar textures—for example, the dining room above from Kyal and Kara uses woven chairs to break up the timber table and chairs—and neutral colors to prevent overbearing color saturation.

Another factor that’s often overlooked is the material a chair is made of. It’s important to pick a durable material, such as wood or plastic, that’s easy to clean. Fortunately, many dining chairs are now made of recyclable materials, making it even easier to choose a chair you can feel confident in buying.