How to Find the Best Exterior-Painters

Before you decide to hire exterior-painters to work on your home, there are some things you need to do. Check for mold or mildew on every side of your house. Also, inspect the siding for any damages or unevenness. If the siding is smooth and even, you won’t need as much prep time as if it is uneven or damaged. In the end, your new paint job will look great! If you’re still not sure about the process, here are some tips:

Cost of hiring an exterior-painting contractor

It is hard to estimate the cost of exterior-painting a house, but it usually ranges from $30 to $600 per full-day crew. One-story houses, for example, will typically require two or three painters to complete the job. Hiring a crew can cut costs because they can be aware of time-consuming aspects of a house. As a result, contractors typically charge by the hour.

The best way to estimate the cost of hiring an exterior-painting contractor is to ask a few questions. When you ask for bids from contractors, make sure you ask about great post to read the materials used and the number of coats of paint required. A cheap contractor may not use the right paint or apply more than one coat, resulting in more expensive redo work. You can also ask how long a project will take. If you plan to hire a painting company for a short-term project, it may be best to get a fixed-price quote.

The cost of hiring an exterior-painting contractor varies widely, depending on the number of square feet of the exterior. A single-color painting project can cost up to $3,000, while a two-color, multi-story house can cost as much as $26,000. The amount of time it takes to complete the job depends on the experience level of the painter and the complexity of the project. The type of paint and primer required will also impact the cost. A high-end exterior-painting contractor may also charge more for large-scale projects.

Cost of hiring a Five Star Painting franchise

A Five Star Painting franchise offers its owners ongoing training and ongoing support. Dedicated franchise coaches and a network of other Five Star Painting locations provide ongoing assistance. Founded by former Five Star Painting employees, Five Star Painting franchise owners enjoy the flexibility of being their own boss while having access to a supportive team. Franchise owners benefit from ongoing support and guidance that will help them reach their business goals. As an added bonus, they can even hire subcontracted labor from the Five Star Painting network.

A Five Star Painting franchise provides approximately one to five days of on-site training. Once the franchise owner gets up and running, he or she must attend an annual reunion to fill in any information that was missed during initial training. Franchisees of the One Day Painting franchise must travel to Vancouver three times. In phase three, franchisees are expected to meet 4-6 weeks of marketing and sales targets, without the opportunity to start painting jobs.

The cost of hiring a Five Star Painting franchise is estimated based on sales. This number is based on gross sales, but does not include sales taxes. It also excludes sales related to excluded services. Typically, the franchisee pays a sales tax of approximately 2% of gross sales. Franchisees can earn up to $200,000 within five years, but Five Star Painting does not guarantee it. Those costs should be considered carefully when comparing Five Star Painting with other painting franchises.