High-End Property Lighting

High-end property lighting is an important design element that enhances the beauty of a home. Whether it’s a sconce or chandelier, an outdoor lighting fixture or a unique wall light, these fixtures can make any space look more beautiful and sophisticated.

The best luxury brands for lighting

There are numerous high-end brands that produce lighting https://didyouknowhomes.com/what-do-electrical-inspection-calgary-auditors-look-for fixtures that are well-suited to the needs of discerning homeowners. Many of these brands specialize in outdoor lighting, as well as indoor lighting and offer a wide range of styles that can suit different tastes.

Arteriors offers an extensive selection of sconces, pendants, ceiling lights and more with a variety of finishes and unique designs. Their products are made with the highest quality materials and provide a unique and contemporary aesthetic for any room in your home.

Hudson Valley Lighting provides a wide range of lighting options for homes with traditional, rustic and industrial influences. The brand’s pieces are designed and created by expert lighting designers to create a premium experience for their clients.

Chandeliers and sconces are two popular options for high-end homes, with chandeliers being particularly useful for drawing attention to specific architectural features. They can also be used to highlight certain elements of the room such as artwork or a focal point piece of furniture.

Eichholtz specializes in designing a large collection of lighting fixtures, including chandeliers, pendants, and other classic styled products. Their products are made of the highest quality materials and are designed to last a lifetime.

Corbett is one of the most prestigious lighting companies in the world and their products are known for their high-end craftsmanship. Their sconces and chandeliers have been used in some of the most iconic buildings in the world.

Kelly Wearstler is an award-winning interior designer and a global design icon, and she has recently been gaining popularity with her signature style of blending color, elegance and spirited spontaneity in a way that is both raw and polished. She has become one of the most popular names in the luxury lifestyle industry and her lighting collection showcases her signature fusion of new and vintage styles for a truly distinctive lighting experience.

Schonbek combines modern styling with practicality, producing lighting that brings rooms to life while remaining perfectly balanced. Their products are built to last a lifetime, which is why they’re often seen in the most luxurious homes and high-profile architecture projects.

Terzani’s Precious Design Concept embodies luxury that is evolving, combining stunningly modern design with cutting-edge technology and artisan craftsmanship. The company’s patented design process uses a mix of precious metals to create stunning, yet elegant illumination that transforms spaces.

These lighting fixtures are available in a wide range of colors, sizes and styles to suit any decor. The company also offers custom options to customize its lighting for any home or office.

Founded in 1972, Terzani has been at the forefront of creating a new visual language for luxury. Its design philosophy is to create timeless pieces of art that are both stunningly beautiful and functional.