Hampers by Design – Tips For Buying a Laundry Hamper

Hampers by Design have a wide range of gift hampers that are perfect for a number of different occasions. They also have a great range of local products that are used in their gifts. Their gifts are great for friends and family and they also make an excellent corporate gift. They also offer a range of hampers that are suitable for babies and children.

The best laundry hampers are durable and sturdy, with enough space for a couple of full loads. They fold down flat to take up minimal floor space when they are not in use, and they’re made of materials that are easy to clean and resistant to odors. They’re not designed to separate laundry, but they do come in designs that match other decor elements, so they can be a good addition to a bedroom or playroom.

When selecting a laundry hamper, consider the materials it is made of and how long you intend to keep it. Wicker and rattan can break down over time and snag on other objects in your home, and natural materials like bamboo and wood are susceptible to rot, mold and mildew. Plastic baskets are a safe bet because they’re practically weightless, clean up easily and don’t absorb odors. Plus, they’re often more affordable than other materials.

A hamper’s handles are another factor to consider, especially if you plan on moving it frequently. Look for strong handles that are easy to grip and comfortable in your hand. The handle’s material and how it’s attached to the basket will also affect its durability. Some handles are braided, which can add strength and beauty to a basket but may not be as durable as plastic handles.

If you want to sort your laundry, look for a hamper with a separate compartment in the middle. This will help you keep the clean and dirty laundry separated, which can save you a lot of time and frustration when it comes to folding and washing clothes. Some hampersbydesign.com.au are even designed with a convenient lid that keeps your dirty laundry out of sight.

Another thing to consider when shopping for a laundry hamper is its size and shape. A rectangular-shaped basket fits more clothes than a round one, and a taller hamper will be easier to carry than a short one. Also, a deep-dish model will hold more laundry than a shallow one.

If you have a lot of laundry to do, you might benefit from a hamper with wheels that make it easier to transport from room to room. If you don’t have a lot to wash, a simple hamper with a metal base and cork lid will keep your clothes protected from water damage. It’s also easy to move around your home when empty, and it won’t get rusty from contact with moisture or dust. You can even store it under a piece of furniture or in a corner when you’re not using it.