Arden Wood: Embracing Spiritual Healing in Christian Science Nursing Facilities

Founded in 1926, Arden Wood Christian Science nursing facilities are a non-profit organization. They provide skilled Christian Science nursing care, sheltered care and Christian science nursing arts and training. The facilities adhere to the teachings of the pastor of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy.

Patients are able to work with their own Christian Science practitioner at the facility and receive spiritual healing through prayer, consistent application of spiritual concepts and a full expectation of progress and healing. Our skilled Christian science nurses are available to help with any needs you may have, day or night. They use prayer, wisdom and compassion in caring for patients, but they do not diagnose, prescribe or administer physical therapy or other medical treatment. Hundreds of testimonies through the years attest to the practical care and tender-loving service that our Christian science nurses give their patients.

Residents are provided with a private room that is comfortable, spacious and designed to support healing (i.e., hospital bed or reclining lift chair, easy-access shower, private phone). All rooms feature wireless internet access. Daily housekeeping services include bed-making, linen change, trash removal and ice water. A television in each room provides audio-broadcasts of hymns, the weekly Bible Lesson, periodical articles and live broadcasts of Ninth Church services.

The facility provides a variety of dining options for guests, including three hot meals a day. Guests can choose to dine in their room or join others in the main dining room. Snacks are also available throughout the day.

In addition to mealtimes, guests are able to take part in the many activities and programs offered at the facility. Guests can enjoy socializing with other residents, listen to a guest speaker or attend a special event. They can also relax in our library and sun room or spend time in the 5th floor garden. The facility is staffed by Christian Science nurses from 7 AM until midnight to serve the sheltered care guests.

Arden Wood accepts Medicare. In order to take advantage of this benefit, we encourage you to read our booklet, “Medicare and Its Provision for ‘Religious Nonmedical Health Care’ for Christian Scientists”.

A Christian Science Advance Health Care Directive allows a person to state his or her preference for a practitioner and for Christian Science nursing care in the event of incapacity. We encourage everyone to consider preparing such a document.

Our facility is fully accredited by The Commission for Accreditation of Arden Wood Christian Science nursing facilities . This assures you of our dedication to maintaining the highest standards in Christian Science nursing care and training.

Our Advisory Board consists of dedicated individuals who work to support the mission and goals of the facility. They meet quarterly to discuss a wide range of topics related to the operation of the facilities. The board is a vital part of the overall management team and is made up of individuals with diverse backgrounds and experience. The following members have recently stepped down from the Board: Esther Joscelyn, Hollis Tiger Wines and Debbie Stucker. Cindy Snowden and Mary Roadman were elected to replace them.